2010 ESCHFOE Meeting

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This blog will explain what ESCHFOE is and what does ESCHFOE mean for the Membership and the Public.

Firstly what is ESCHFOE and what does the acronym stand for?


The `europaischen schornsteinfegermeister foderation` or the  `European federation of master chimney sweeps` .

The ESCHFOE is a professional federation  of chimney sweeping guilds which boasts a membership from over 21 countries.

The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps have long  since been active members of ESCHFOE and represent the UK on a National level at  meetings. The decision to join was taken by the Guild in 2006 when we were invited to become a members of the international association. As the Guild`s primary goal is to raise standards within the UK we obviously jumped at the chance.

Since joining, ESCHFOE has arranged specialised training for the GMCS membership which was not previously available in the UK . This has resulted in raising  the expertise of Guild members to a new level. Furthermore the new Guild training manual is based on a mixture of UK expertise, experience and the German training system. The German chimney sweeping  training programme is undoubtedly the best in the world. A  successful Master chimney sweep would finish school with a degree in chimney sweeping. The ESCHFOE membership are very keen that all admitted Guilds must have very high training and membership standards. This can only be achieved with the massive knowledge base that is shared freely between its members via cross border training programs.

Guild ESCHFOE 027

Things have changed in the solid fuel industry a lot in the past few years for example; British Standards have been superseded by BSEN`s and E Norms. The new UK Building regulations for 2010 have been rewritten to accommodate this and to reach a common standard throughout Europe. Furthermore there has been a massive growth in wood and biomass systems. These systems are fairly new to the UK but are common in Europe.  With European help our guild can now offer expert training in the service and maintenance of these systems.

It is only ESCHFOE that gives the UK chimney sweeps a tangible platform in Brussels. ESCHFOE also ensures that members are kept up to date with changes to European legislation and practices.

ESCHFOE meeting 2010

The ESCHFOE meeting for this year was hosted by the Swiss Chimney sweeping guild in Montreaux.

Many things were covered during this meeting including the admission of new member states, environmental issues, European legislation and an exchange of knowledge and ideas of members. Further, it was proposed  that The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps will  host the 2013 technical meeting here in the UK.

Guild ESCHFOE meeting 2010

Mr Sascha Meding (Vice Chairman GMCS) translating for the USA at the 2010 meeting

It has been my pleasure to represent the Guild and the UK at the ESCHFOE in Montreux and I would personally like to thank Mr Jacques Morell, the president of the Swiss Chimney Sweeping Guild, for his hard work and hospitality.

Regards Daniel Hodgson

GMCS Chairman

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4 Responses to 2010 ESCHFOE Meeting

  1. ESCHFOE and Europe are extremely important for the industry. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dripable.com says:

    You couldn’t be more factual!!!

  3. Thank god some bloggers can still write. Thanks for this piece of writing..

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