April 2012 Training Course

Dear Daniel, David, Stefan and Lawson,

I felt I had to write to congratulate you on delivering a superb course last week.

It occurred to me that some of you will not have exposure to many training courses in your professional lives unlike myself,  who over a career in business/education links, ( Chief Executive of the Sheffield Education Business Partnership )  employer associations ( Director of Manchester Chamber of Commerce  and Industry,  business unit and largest Local Employer Network in the UK ) and at a major UK Business School ( Director of  careers development, MBA program at Manchester Business School ) I have sat through hours and I mean hours,  of 2, 3 and 4 day courses all over the UK, Europe and The States.

I have never enjoyed a course as much as I enjoyed the one that you designed and delivered last week.  It was quite simply, faultless.  The training environment at Ripley was high quality and well equipped.

The materials were well written, well researched, relevant and specific. It was apparent that a lot of intelligent and considered writing and editing had gone in to producing the excellent training manual. It could quite easily have veered toward the inaccessible and technical loaded jargon infested manual that one never looks at again. On the contrary, The Guilds Training Manual will be a well referenced work book for me and I suspect for everyone who attended the course. I also anticipate that other organisations will be quick to utilise it.

The Trainers themselves however were the most impressive.  You have amongst you a team of inspiring understated experts, who delivered, and I guess it must be instinctively, a perfect course. It was the blend of several things that made it in my view excellent; technical information in a no nonsense understandable form, good use of technology to impart the necessary information, great training aids to back up and best of all a passionate delivery by clear experts. There was enough practical skills based training to support the theory and the right amount of time for us delegates to network and build relationships.

The trainers communication skills were great, I loved the blend of anecdotes with tips, and real life experience, and felt you carried a tough schedule really well.

In short I felt that the training course was terrific value and thoroughly enjoyed it and I know that that was the shared view of the delegates who I had chance to speak to.

Kind regards,

Jessica Hayes


The only potential flaw I thought I  could spot, was when the caterers arrived with a tray of pork pies (!!!),    but the next minute they laid down a superb tray of delicious sliced fruit,   brilliant, absolutely brilliant .

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