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25th May ’17 – Update and instructions

29 June, 2017

    If you have a website and want to maintain the link from your profile page of the sweep search then please read carefully. Maintaining this link will significantly improve your customer enquiries. It will also elevate the ranking of the new consumer site which in turn will increase your customer enquiries.
    If you are a Facebook or Twitter user there is important information for you also.

    The Guild will create a link to your website provided you create a link from your site to the Guild. If you had a link from the Guild before the new sites were launched then this has been kept, but this will be for a limited time. Now that we have two sites, you need to link to both the new sites if you wish to maintain this reciprocal link. The link to your site can be accessed by your customers from your profile page so it’s a very good idea to have it.
    Please check that your existing link to is still working. You can link to any page you like but the home page or perhaps “About Us” might be best. You will however need to create a new link back to the new consumer site –  If you have not already done this please do it as soon as possible. You can link to any page you like but the “About Us” or your personal profile page would probably be best.

    These reciprocal links are important for the ranking of your site and the new Guild sites also, so the faster we all do it the better. In a couple of weeks we will begin the task of checking the reciprocal links from all members sites. It’s not a fun admin task so please do it asap. If we check and cant find your links, you will be contacted and asked to put them on.

    Obviously this is all new and everyone will be given time to comply but it needs to be done soon to maximise site ranking on searches ahead of the busy season. If you don’t link back to the Guild sites your link from the Guild will ultimately be removed, reducing your enquiries, reducing the ranking of your website and costing you money.

    Our new Facebook pages are performing well. We have just begun advertising and have several small campaigns running.
    We will be paying particular attention to the consumer Facebook page –  It will feature lots of useful, interesting and engaging consumer information to build a significant following. The main purpose of this page is to drive consumer traffic to the “findachimneysweep” website and on the sweep search pages so they can then call you. We can also launch / highlight campaigns and create a big impact but only if we build good follower numbers. Please like and share all you can.

    The other new Facebook page is the members page –  Here you can keep up with all sorts of Guild information and other useful and interesting stuff. If you use FB to promote your business there will be lots for you to share to your pages, making you look good and building your personal following. Again, please like and share all you can.

    If you use Facebook for your business you’ll know it can be a great tool. Why not make a post linking your followers to your personal profile page and asking them to register and rate your service. This should create additional numbers of star ratings which are likely to be good.

    If you are a Twitter user then there is something new for you too – is for the consumer side and is for members / sweeps / trade. You know what to do with anything you like the look of.

    These new websites and new social media mark a new chapter in Guild history, They have only just begun but initial feedback and usage is excellent. and will improve from here. We will use these tools to inform and educate consumers and the solid fuel trade as to the benefits of using Guild Sweeps.

    I am confident that over the next 12 months we can make a great success of all these platforms. and as Guild members we all stand to benefit significantly.

    If you want to access the members area on the new members / trade site –  – you need to register – use the register button. Your login details for the old site will not work. We don’t send you many emails and most that we do contain important or useful information. We will place all future emails in to the “Important News” section in the members area so you’ll know where to look rather than contacting admin.

    If you want to change any of the details on your personal profile page on the sweep search you have to contact the Guild. You can’t edit any of these details yourself for obvious reasons. Contact

    Best Regards

    Lawson Wight


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