The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps formed over 20 years ago and is a ‘not for profit’ trade association for professional chimney sweeps.

From the start the Guild set the highest standards for training and assessment of its members. This continues today, with the most comprehensive training and mentoring programme for new sweeps anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

We also offer a broad range of additional professional training for existing members, plus periodic refresher courses, which are mandatory, to keep members up to date and consumers safer.

The Guild is also the only association that represents the UK sweeping industry at an international level.

We take a very active role in promoting safety, in particular highlighting the dangers of carbon monoxide.


Consumers can expect a Guild sweep to not only clean their chimney correctly but also provide additional information on things such as fuels, appliances and safety. This gives consumers a greater understanding of potential issues or problems, can save them money and sometimes even lives!

The Guild is a very co-operative organisation and members can draw on a wealth of collective knowledge to assist customers who may have specific questions or problems. Search for your local sweep.


Members can expect the Guild to offer the best services through innovative training programmes and initiatives. Regular newsletters, an online forum, technical support, exhibitions, meetings and prominent advertising all serve to compliment the best ongoing training available and provide a great platform for members to run their business.

We believe that well trained and supported members provide the best services for their customers. See the benefits of membership.