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Chimney Fire Safety Week

02 September, 2018


    Chimney fire safety week

    It’s chimney fire safety week. We’ve been promoting it for a while on the Guild social media platforms, sending hundreds of visitors straight to the findachimneysweep search page and hopefully on to book you.

    If you use Facebook then you can share our posts to your page. Or maybe send a simple email to your customers to a news piece on your own site. You can copy fire safety information from the safety pages on the findachimneysweep site or just link straight to the page itself.

    Or tie the BurnRight consumer information in with chimney fire safety by linking your safety information to parts of the BurnRight site – after all, if your customer knows how to burn their fuel efficiently, they are much less likely to ever have a chimney fire.

    Delivering these consumer messages helps you look more professional and stand out from others who don’t bother.


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      Ali Swainston

      “During my research I had come across some forum talk online which was very negative about the cost of the Guild’s training program. I guess it does seem like a lot of money to start with but, like most things, there is more to it than meets the eye and you get a lot more […]

      Ali Swainston (ISIS Chimney Care)
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