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CO Flyer – ‘Do you have a Carbon Monoxide alarm?’

31 January, 2021
    CO Flyer – ‘Do you have a Carbon Monoxide alarm?’














    We ask this question most working days. The replies vary – ‘don’t know’, ‘in the kitchen’, or even the occasional ‘it’s in the drawer!’ You may fit an alarm there and then. Often however, it’s the same story year after year, no alarm.

    This A5 flyer is intended to be passed to customers who don’t have an alarm. Even if you’ve explained the importance of an alarm, this flyer is a gentle third party ‘nudge’. No matter what they do with it next, it’s an extra prompt. Maybe you’ll return next year to find one, or perhaps they’ll ask you to fit.

    As part of our ongoing support for CO Awareness promotions, the flyers are available through the Guild Shop  At just a few pence each, they’re a useful tool. Or, you can print yourself if you wish – download the PDF here

    Please pass one to every customer that doesn’t have an alarm. Purchase your flyers below:


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