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Does my fire harm the environment?

26 February, 2019


    EVERYONE loves a safe, snug, roaring fire and that’s a simple fact of life.

    Yet there’s always been an alleged conflict between a householder’s right to enjoy a wood fire stove or open fire – and the reported effect on the environment.

    If you are someone keenly aware of environmental issues it can seem incongruous to enjoy your fire. You may feel that it’s almost wrong to do so, if the gases released from the fire are harming the outside atmosphere.

    It’s an important ‘if’ – because there’s been so much misinformation about the relationship between our fires and the environment.

    That’s why your local Guild sweep supports the BurnRight campaign principles. Have a look at the BurnRight website for yourself and see what you think. BurnRight was created to educate consumers factually on correct use of woodburners, open fires and fuels to help the environment (and help the pocket! Efficient fires cost less money).

    So when it comes to indoor fires, it’s vital we learn how to use this heating source efficiently, for the betterment of the environment. And when it comes to wood burners, that may mean ditching old habits and re-educating ourselves on correct use of wood burners. 

    That’s why it makes sense for you to take a bit of time to read through the BurnRight website. And if you do have questions about environmentally-friendly methods of  enjoying indoor fires – just get in touch with your local Guild sweep. You can find him or her by using the Findachimneysweep directory.

    The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps prides itself on educating and supporting consumers in making the right choices for their use of indoor fires, which helps the environment.


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