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Government consultation update

19 August, 2018

Thanks to all of you who submitted a response to Clean Air Strategy consultation. It’s closed now. I can’t stress enough what a difference each response makes.  To give you some idea how much each reply matters there were.

There were 47 responses from sweeps to the “Call for Evidence” on solid fuel which Defra ran in February this year. This sounds pitiful but Defra told us they were very pleased with it. Sweeps replies made up around 15% of the total responses in February. If enough of us say the same things it counts for a great deal and will certainly shape future policy – asking us is one of the best sources of information they have.

Following the consultation on the Clean Air Strategy there will be a consultation on fuels. This is another chance make a difference to policy and possible legislation.

If anyone thinks all this consultation stuff is getting a bit normal, I can assure you it is not. There will be a final consultation on Fuels. Once it is all over with you probably won’t get a government asking you anything for the rest of your sweeping career! The policies and any legislation that come from all this will be based partly on your replies so consider carefully but most importantly please submit something. When it comes to the fuels consultation we will be sharp about digesting what is being asked, seeking expert advice where required and giving you some guidance and help with a reply.

We don’t know how the majority of sweeps get their information and guidance on these issues but we have shared it around the industry. The Guild board will make sure that members have as much help as possible with these issues. We took a lead on the Call for Evidence and have done the same with this consultation. It requires time and money to get this sort of work done but that is part of what you contribute to as a member – collectively we can do things others can’t or won’t, so thank you.

The information you are reading now is public, so perhaps other sweeps will benefit from it too. These issues are too important to limit to our members only, our whole sweeping industry needs to wake up and step up. Many of you have good relationships with non Guild members. Please point them toward this sort of information so that they too can help us all.

Lawson Wight


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