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Members pass Special Resolution

21 August, 2021
    Members pass Special Resolution

    Guild members passed a special resolution to company articles at their AGM on 24th July 2021. The vote was passed with a majority of over 92%.

    The special resolution concerned the introduction of a set of Nomination, Voting and Election procedures at Guild elections.

    Chair Lawson Wight said: ‘This is excellent news for Guild members. We now have proper nomination and election procedures for our elections. The process is now much more transparent, inclusive and democratic for members. In addition, the Guild board is now legally obliged to offer every member a postal vote at every election.

    He added: ‘The new procedures have been voted into our company rules so they can’t be changed by the board without members agreement.’

    The new procedures are as follows:



    1. Please be aware that all roles are for a four-year term;
    2. Nominations for a position in the Company must be made in writing and sent either by e-mail or post a minimum of 28 days before the election and sent to (Insert the name of admin officer dealing with nominations) at (insert the postal and e-mail address of where nominations should be sent to);
    3. Any member can put themselves forward to be nominated for any number of roles;
    4. Any member who wishes to nominate themselves for an available role should do so in writing and which must be received no later than the closing date notified in writing by the Company;
    5. Any nominations received after the closing date will not be considered;
    6. Any candidate making a nomination must send in at the same time their candidate profile;
    7. The nomination form and candidate profiles will be circulated to all members to help members decide who is the appropriate person for each role;
    8. A nomination form must be completed with the following information:                                                                        a) the full name, residential address, contact details and membership number of the candidate;                              b) the position or positions for which the candidate is applying;                                                                                     c) the candidate’s written consent to the nomination and their consent to their details being circulated to third parties in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    9. Candidate profiles must explain the candidates background and why they should be elected for the role. It would be helpful for a candidate to note their strengths and draw on experience they have which makes them the appropriate candidate for the role;
    10. After the closing date for nominations the Company will circulate the nominations and candidate profiles they have received, to all members. This information will be circulated by way of post and e-mail;
    11. Candidates must include any potential ‘Conflicts of Interest’ with their ability to act in the interests of the company at all times. Failure to disclose a serious conflict of interest could result in dismissal.
    12. If it is considered that any information provided by a candidate is not appropriate; is false or misleading, the Company may take action to omit or rectify the information as the case requires.
    13. If only one candidate is nominated for any role, then that candidate will be elected to the position without the need for a vote.



    1. Within the candidate nominations received, members will also receive a postal vote ballot paper allowing a postal vote for any of the candidates;
    2. If you wish to utilise your postal vote you must complete the postal vote ballot paper and make your vote for your choice of candidate;
    3. You must then post your completed postal vote ballot paper back to the address noted on the form and which must be received by the Company no later than the closing date notified in writing by the Company;
    4. If you can attend the AGM, then you can vote in person if you prefer. If you intend to vote at the AGM, you must not return a postal vote;
    5. You must NOT vote by post and in person. If you vote by post and attend the AGM, you must not vote again;
    6. Only one vote per member will be accepted and counted.



    1. After the closing date to receive postal votes but before the AGM the Company will, on one occasion, open, count and allocate all postal vote ballot papers received, to the appropriate candidate who has been voted for. These votes will be kept secret until after the vote has taken place at the AGM;
    2. Members can vote in the election by postal vote or in person at the AGM;
    3. At the AGM the Chairman will open the floor for the voting to begin;
    4. If the vote concerns the election of a position on the Board, the Chairman will call out the name of each candidate in turn. After each name is read out a vote by a show of hands will be taken to count how many votes each candidate receives;
    5. At the AGM the Secretary will record each number of votes a candidate receives;
    6. Once all the voting is completed the postal and AGM votes will be counted in the presence of the Chairman and Secretary and allocated to the appropriate candidate;
    7. The Chairman will then declare which candidate has received the greatest number of votes for each role and who has been elected to each role;
    8. After the election the Company will make available and public the number of votes each candidate received in the election and the total number of votes cast.


    1. If the Company wishes to vote upon a resolution at any AGM members will be given no less than 14 days’ notice of the meeting and the resolution to be passed;
    2. At the AGM the Chairman will open the floor for the vote;
    3. The resolution to be voted upon will be read out and the number of for and against votes will be counted;
    4. After the votes have been counted the Chairman will declare if the resolution has been passed by reference to percentage attained.


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