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Outstanding New Trade Website

25 January, 2020
    Outstanding New Trade Website

    The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps has just launched a brand new Trade website.

    See the video tour below to get a flavour of the new features and functions.

    Guild chairman Lawson Wight said: “The old site was getting difficult to maintain and did not allow us to properly showcase the Guild and its members. I’m so pleased with this new one. We’ve invested now to deliver a better service to both members and the wider trade.”

    Lawson added: “The shopping is all online (although you can still phone a human if you like). Training course information is well organised and applications are simple. Companies who support us are featured in the Trade Partners section and it’s a great place to see their news and offers.”

    Sharing is now quick and simple. The Latest News section has over 25 pages of articles going back more than 10 years. All these are now available to share to your favourite locations with a click or a tap.

    Of course every website is a work in progress. This one has been built to meet future changes and make the most of our opportunities, at least until the next time…



      What our members say…

      Ali Swainston

      “During my research I had come across some forum talk online which was very negative about the cost of the Guild’s training program. I guess it does seem like a lot of money to start with but, like most things, there is more to it than meets the eye and you get a lot more […]

      Ali Swainston (ISIS Chimney Care)
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