The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps is the UK’s premier trade association for professional chimney sweeps. The Guild was established over 25 years ago with training, standards and member co-operation at its heart.

All our members are well trained and many are out and out experts. Promoting safety and efficient use of fires and fuels is our main concern for consumers. Providing the best business tools and support for our members helps them provide the best services to their customers.

We ensure robust training, mentoring and assessment standards for new sweeps. Mandatory refresher courses help experienced members keep up to date in a rapidly changing industry.


Consumers can rely on a Guild sweep to clean their chimney correctly. They will also provide advice on correct fuel and appliance use, any repairs needed, and general safety. This guidance improves safe use, reduces pollution, saves money and sometimes even saves lives!

The Guild works together as a co-operative community of members. Individual sweeps can draw on a wealth of collective knowledge to assist customers with any specific questions or unusual problems. Search for your local Guild sweep here.


Guild members receive first-rate services via innovative training programmes and educational initiatives, widely acknowledged to be the best in the industry. These include technical support, prominent advertising, regional meetings, an annual trade exhibition, an online forum, and regular newsletters. We are a leading voice for our industry, engaging with many other groups. We support the professional development of each member, helping their businesses to succeed.

We believe that well-trained and supported members provide the best services for their customers. Find out more on the benefits of membership.

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Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps

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