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Whether you are a novice looking for a new career or an experienced sweep, the Guild provide the training and support to make your business a success.

We want every member’s business to be as successful as possible. There’s a lot for you to think about and good training is just the start. Our extensive membership benefits provide the tools and support you’ll need.

Already a professional sweep? Joining is simple. Please see the details below on our Profiling Interview procedure.

New to Chimney Sweeping

Experienced Sweeps

The Guild was founded over 30 years ago with training, standards and member co-operation at its heart. There are several organizations offering chimney sweep training.  If you are serious about being a professional sweep you should look closely at what is offered and compare like for like. How will you choose?

We want every member’s business to be as successful as possible. There’s a lot for you to think about and good training is just the start. Our extensive membership benefits provide the tools and support you’ll need.

To get a flavour of what the Guild is all about take a look at some of our promotional work, please select your level of experience and download your Training Pack below.

All new members have the opportunity to opt in to the “pathway to NVQ qualification”.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

New Sweep Training PackTraining Application Form

We’ve developed a clear path for existing sweeps to join the Guild. We recognise that many of those wishing to join are experienced and as such would exceed the assessment requirements without the need for further training.

How does it work?

Applicants  will undertake a comprehensive Profiling Interview to establish that their knowledge exceeds current assessment requirements. The requirements mirror the final assessment for new members who have recently completed the Masterful Sweeping course and on-site training programme.

Interviews are conducted via video meeting and carried out by qualified assessors.  

There is no charge for the interview. It takes approximately 1.5 hours. There are three possible outcomes:  

  1. An applicant successfully completes the interview. They may then join the Guild for the cost of the annual subscription plus proof of adequate insurance etc.
  2. An applicant has gaps in their knowledge which fall short of the minimum Guild assessment requirements. To gain membership the applicant will be required to attend the next refresher / technical update course (usually online at a cost of £150), pay the annual subscription and submit insurance documents etc.
  3. An applicant falls significantly short of the minimum assessment requirements for membership. In this case the candidate will be required to undertake the full 4-day Guild course and 4 days on-site training / mentoring. This to be followed by the final practical & theory assessment day, payment of annual subs and submission of insurance documents (see the training pages on the website for costs and availability of training).

Guild membership aims to be an attractive proposition for any competent sweep. The interview has been carefully designed to firmly establish the level of knowledge and make it simple to join without eroding the minimum standards members expect.

 If you’d like to know more, please email to get in touch: Or submit your membership application form via the website to register your interest and we’ll be in touch to go over the details.

Experienced Sweeps PackMembership Application

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What our members say…

Meet our members

Guild Members

Watch our video to hear first hand from our members, and how being part of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps have benefited them and their business.

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What our members say…

Jessica Hayes

Village Chimney Sweep

“I have never enjoyed a course as much as I enjoyed the one that you designed and delivered last week. It was, quite simply, faultless. “The training environment at Ripley was high quality and well equipped. The materials were well written, well researched, relevant and specific. It was apparent that a lot of intelligent and…

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What our members say…

Richard Lawson

Hexham Chimney Sweeps

“I found the course to be very knowledgeable. Being a Guild sweep has given me greater confidence when going to customer’s homes and this has enabled me to become a HETAS approved chimney sweep.”

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What our members say…

Ali Swainston

ISIS Chimney Care

“During my research I had come across some forum talk online which was very negative about the cost of the Guild’s training program. I guess it does seem like a lot of money to start with but, like most things, there is more to it than meets the eye and you get a lot more…

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What our members say…

Jason Ross

Fire Work

“And what do you do?” “I’m a chimney sweep.” “The reactions can be interesting, from amusement to sympathy. But what people don’t often realise is that chimney sweeping is probably one of the best jobs in the world! “I have been sweeping for 7 years and have found it to be a very good way…

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Jason Ross

What our members say…

Nick Rance

Rance and Broom Chimney sweeping

In 2013 I decided to enter the chimney sweeping industry and paid to train as a sweep. After a couple of days training in a classroom I was given a certificate, sold some dodgy tools and wished the best of luck in my new career. I discovered after a couple of years trading as an…

More From our members

What our members say…

Jo Thurgur

Joanna Thurgur Chimney Sweep Services

“The course was fantastic, with excellent facilities and trainers who have been in the business for years and really know their stuff. I met some great people on the course who I am still in touch with.”

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