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10 reasons why you can trust a Guild sweep

11 December, 2018


    WHAT can a respected customer expect from a member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps? Why should you employ the services of a Guild sweep? Most importantly, can you trust his or her professionalism? To reassure you, here are 10 simple true facts about every member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps:-

    TRAINED – Our members receive training and assessment, widely known to be of the highest standard in the industry, with a superb mentoring programme. Every single aspect of chimney sweeping is covered in these courses, which combine theory and practical work. Aspects such as CCTV surveys and chimney integrity are covered and there’s even teaching on sweeping thatched properties. The courses have been developed over many years and take place at training centres. Guild members are rightly proud of their high standards and to underpin this they voted for a mandatory Refresher course every 5 years – to keep up with changing regulations and practices. All this serves to give you – the customer – peace of mind that your chimney technician is using the latest best practices and utilising modern technology effectively.

    SUPPORTED – If your sweep is a member of the Guild, it means they have access to a wide range of support by other chimney professionals. This is important if your chimney set-up poses an unusual challenge. It’s most likely the sweep will know how to deal with the issue but they can call on a wealth of expert qualified advice if needed.

    EXPERIENCE – It’s no coincidence that Guild chimney sweeps are often called ‘master chimney sweeps’. Our members present sheer professionalism, they don’t just work to industry standards, they help develop and set them. Many of our members have years and years of experience. Every chimney job presents a unique challenge and it’s that depth of experience which counts, when a sweep faces an issue – damage to the chimney structure, bees’ nests, badly installed stoves, etc – our sweeps really have ‘seen and done it all’!

    COMPETITIVE RATES – One of the first things you’ll notice about a Guild sweep is his or her passion for the trade. Yes, they need to make a living. Don’t we all? But a Guild sweep works as a chimney sweep simply because they love the profession. That’s no exaggeration. Spend time browsing the Guild social media sites and you’ll note the bonhomie culture amongst our sweeps. They really do love their work and so offer reasonable prices. The main concern of a Guild sweep is to protect lives from risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangers – not just to make money. Savings made through following their advice on fuels and fire use can often cover the cost of their entire visit.

    KNOWLEDGE ABOUT DANGER – The whole reason why your chimney needs sweeping by a Guild sweep isn’t just to make it clean. This isn’t about tidying up the home. Your chimney needs sweeping to keep you, your family or employees safe from dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and uncontrolled fires. Guild sweeps are experts in spotting any dangers lurking in your chimney or indoor fire set-up. He or she is obsessed (that’s a good thing!) with ensuring your home or business premises is risk-free in regards to your chimney. If there are any problems, you will be given professional advice.

    KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CARBON MONOXIDE – This is an add-on to the point above. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, lethal gas which kills. If your chimney is blocked with soot and other residue, there is no safe escape route for the gas when your stove or open fire is alight. So it will seep back down the chimney into your home and harm you and your loved ones. If the chimney flue/flue liner is damaged, there’s also a risk of this gas wafting into the inside of your property and poisoning you. Guild sweeps know all the telltale signs of carbon monoxide and will check your chimney and indoor fire meticulously, looking out for any issues.

    FLUES & APPLIANCES – It’s important that your open fire or stove is installed by a registered competent installer, e.g HETAS, OFTEC etc. However, sometimes a customer has had an appliance fitted by a cowboy tradesman or a bad installer. A Guild sweep will see if the appliance was not installed properly and give you best advice about the next steps to remedy the problem.

    HOUSEHOLD INSURANCE CERTIFICATE – The certificate of chimney sweeping can be an important document, particularly in the event of an insurance claim. Guild certificates, signed by Guild sweeps, are recognised by insurance companies. Thatch property owners need to pay particular attention to their insurance policy with respect to sweeping requirements.

    PERSONALLY RECOMMENDED – Guild chimney sweeps build up an excellent, professional relationship with customers. Browse through the website of a Guild sweep and more often than not, you’ll see plenty of clients’ testimonials about the good work of the sweep. Guild sweeps greatly appreciate the personal recommendations of their customers.

    CONTACTABLE – In this day and age of technology, it’s easy to contact a Guild chimney sweep. You can search our Findachimneysweep directory to contact your local sweep. And once you’ve made contact, he or she can always be contacted when needed by phone, email or via social media.
    So there you go! 10 simple true reasons why you can trust members of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. Contact your local sweep today via our directory [as above] and book a sweeping appointment!


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