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Entirely new species spotted in Essex

19 August, 2018

BurnRight Van stickerThis unique photo of a BurnRight van sticker was spotted by eagle eyed David O’Donnell from Essex. Experts believe it may be an entirely new species and it’s certainly the first one of its kind seen in the UK. The BurnRight team were so impressed, they have invested over £100 in a captive breeding programme run from a secret location in Barnsley. It is hoped that for a very small fee, sweeps from around the country will soon be able to release their very own van sticker in to the wild. BurnRight expert David Sudworth said “We’ve done all we can to give these creatures a real chance, once they are released there’s no telling what will happen”.

There is some great feedback from sweeps using the BurnRight consumer information, brochures etc. Some of these stories will feature on a new page on the website. If you have anything interesting or newsworthy about your own BurnRight campaign then please send and it may feature on the new page.


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    “During my research I had come across some forum talk online which was very negative about the cost of the Guild’s training program. I guess it does seem like a lot of money to start with but, like most things, there is more to it than meets the eye and you get a lot more […]

    Ali Swainston (ISIS Chimney Care)
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