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Remember to PARTY on Burns Night!

22 January, 2019


    WE ALL love a good party and there’s no better excuse than Burns Night (Jan 25) to pop open the bubbly and dust off the best whisky. If you don’t fancy haggis or Caledonian chicken you could stock up on rare hams, olives and cheeses (let’s be honest, hopefully still reduced in the shops from the festive period) and sending invites out to family, friends, work colleagues, etc.

    Home is the ideal place for a knees-up to embrace the memory of the colourful, great baird of Scotland – or, in fact, for any other celebration. 

    And, of course, what makes a party at home really ideal is having a log fire using your stove or fireplace. Nothing beats that beautiful glow of the dancing orange and red flames, the peaceful warmth it emits and that subtle cracking sound as the wood surrenders to the tongues of flame.

    Even so, PLEASE do remember these five PARTY must-do-this tips when it comes to using your stove or open fire during any celebration:-

    P is for Properly. From the moment you start the fire, to keeping it fuelled and then putting it out at the end of the event – make sure the fire is used properly. Find perfect guidance for this on the BurnRight website.

    A is for Arrangement. Don’t arrange flammables such as decorations from Christmas, festive cards, decorative paraphernalia for the party, logs ready for the flames or any other flammable material near the indoor fire.

    R is for ‘Ring Ring’. Don’t leave an open fire unattended if the doorbell rings! Get someone else in the family to answer the door. Especially if there are one or two guests who’ve had one glass too many. The last thing you want is drunk Great Uncle Fred practising his salsa moves, stumbling and falling into the fire – while you are at the front door to welcome a stream of visitors!

    T is for Tots. Don’t let vulnerable people such as babies, toddlers, those with health issues such as dementia or such like, too close to the fire. Make sure the fire is enjoyable to all but ensure no one can access the fire who cannot be held responsible for their own actions.

    Y is for You! Make sure your fire is safe before bed. It’s easy to glunk a bit too much fizz and then climb under the sheets when the guests have gone. Keep safe.

    Remember – any worries about your indoor fire, contact your Guild Sweep on Findachimneysweep.

    … and lastly have a wonderful celebration!



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