Whether you are a novice looking for a new career or already an experienced sweep the Guild offers the best chimney sweep training anywhere in the UK.


Good training however is only the first step to becoming a professional sweep. The many benefits of membership will assist you as you progress.

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The Guild offers a variety of excellent chimney sweeps training courses. If you are comparing what’s on offer from different providers make sure you are comparing like with like.

Chimney sweep training courses vary hugely and some providers are simply privately owned companies that look like trade associations!


We also know that well trained and well supported members provide the best services to their customers. Members’ businesses benefit greatly from their association with the Guild and the support they receive.



  • The Guild Training Course (including on-site training and mentoring)
  • Combined CCTV Survey and Chimney Integrity Testing Course
  • Thatch Property Sweeping Course
  • 5-yearly Refresher Course *
  • On-site Trainer Course *

All courses have been developed and delivered by qualified trainers and assessors who themselves are experienced chimney sweeps.

Courses are all delivered at leading training centres.

* Only available to existing members.

The Guild Training Course (including on-site training and mentoring)

This course is for anyone who has no experience of sweeping, or is working as a sweep but has never undertaken any formal training or qualifications. It is the course that most members will have taken before joining and is the most comprehensive chimney sweeping course available in the UK.

There are several parts to the course (full details in the Training Pack) but it basically consists of:

  • four intensive theory and practical days at a training centre
  • a minimum of four days on-site, accompanying experienced Guild trainers.

This is all underpinned by practical, theory and equipment assessments.

Sweeps or installers with prior training or qualifications may qualify for a discount.

Download your Training Pack details and costs

Combined CCTV and Integrity Testing Course

Chimney testing and surveying procedures, and associated documentation requirements, are thoroughly covered. Candidates are also introduced to the latest equipment with hands-on practical sections.

The responsibilities and insurance liabilities element leaves no doubt as to what is required of the professional sweep who undertakes this type of work.

Combining the CCTV survey and integrity (pressure) testing into one day makes this a very cost effective course.

The course is open to all, with a discount for Guild members.

Download Combined CCTV and Integrity Testing Course details and costs

Thatch Property Sweeping Course

The Guild has recognised the need for specific training in the area of chimney sweeping thatched properties. This course has been developed, and is currently delivered by, Guild Technical Director Stefan Waumsley, a very experienced trainer, assessor and inspector.

This unique and innovative course will help professional sweeps better understand the particular issues of working in thatched properties.

In line with the Guild’s commitment to improve industry standards it is open to all, regardless of association/trade affiliation, with a discount for Guild members.

Download Thatch Sweeping Course details and costs

Refresher Course

Competent person schemes and regulated industries require periodic refresher training. As professional sweeps, Guild members have decided to take another lead within the chimney sweeping industry and undertake mandatory refresher training every five years.

The refresher is a one-day course,  covering newer regulations, updated information and
practices essential for professional chimney sweeps.

This course is for Guild members only.

Download Refresher Course details and costs (coming soon)

On-site Trainer Course

New members undertaking their on-site training days accompany experienced Guild members as they visit their customers. Experienced Guild sweeps wishing to take new members for on-site work must attend this one-day course.

These trainers want to put something back into the organisation. They give their time and energy to help new members get on the right track. They are another example of co-operative values within the Guild.

The course outlines candidates’ scope of work and responsibilities to the trainee and their customer in this situation.

The course is free to members who qualify.

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